Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun at the park

Even though we worked so hard on the house this weekend we did find a few minutes Saturday (between sprinkle showers) to take the kids to the park. We found this nice one along the Jordan River trail at about 1200 W and 54oo s.

pretty wild flowers
I think he might get mad at me if I didn't clarify that he's not a flower. He was just waiting to post for a picture!
But she is!
more pretty Utah wild flowers!
wild orchid
Wild Rose
wild animals!
can you believe this is a tiny (about 5/8 inch) little weedy flower! I love the zoom on my camera!
cool Utah water birds
yummy fingers
so relaxed!
daddy's little girl!
he sure loves his sweater!
handsome man!
what's down there?
oh, that's what it is!
Giving a flower to his sister
Pretty as a Flower!
getting more flowers for his baby
(i think it's time for a hair cut again)
Oooh, I can throw it in the water!
I'm outta here!
My little lion on the prowl!
at least I have 1 kid that likes to pose for the camera!
Well, we tried to get one of Maddie anyway
and she's off!
taking a breakSuch a good brother!
Turtle out in the bird sanctuary.
Baby Gosling!
A mamma duck and her babies were out too!
1 little duck went out
they're thinking about it!
Follow the leader!
Monkey Man!
that was hard!
"Look at me, I can do it too!"
"I'm gonna fall!"
Ok, I guess I'll try it
I'm stuck!
Get me down!
why won't you get me down?
(he fell off)
Let's try it again
ok, that's not so bad, it's even a bit fun!
here he goes again
just hanging around
"what trouble can I get into now? "
My girl loves her slides!

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Tired Mom said...

Love the pics! You have such a cute family!