Friday, August 7, 2009


I have been so homesick for the ocean for the longest time now. I was born in Spokane, WA and grew up mostly along the Wa/ OR coast. I miss the green, the salt air blowing in my face, and even the rain. I also miss the mild summers and winters. So, here's a few pics of the pacific northwest that I so long for.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Far So good!

Ok, I know I planned on posting all the days with the weaning but I must admit that I didn't post as planned. Well, after the last day I posted things still weren't going very well at all. Maddie was still crying almost constantly for her beloved milk so I caved! I totally gave in and tried to nurse her. I know, I know. BIG MISTAKE! Well, lucky for me at that time she had decided as well that she was done. (or maybe not so lucky for me) She took a few last sucks for old time sakes then che BIT me! Now, she's been a biter for a while but this bite.... I thought I was going to cry!

So, yeah, that was the last of it.... Almost anyway. She is now completely weaned during the days but does still nurse a bit at night. I'm now working on getting her weaned in the nights. We're working on her going back to sleep but you know how it is, when it's 2 AM and you've already been awakened 5 times by a baby crying for milk, that's when I cave in and take her to my bed. She's happy and I'm, well, I'm sleeping. But, this weekend I will have my husband able to help me out since he won't need to wake up early for work. So, hopefully, if things go as planned Thursday night will be her very last beloved milk.

Now, she still has the option of taking a bottle, sippy cup, or (her favorite) being spoon fed the milk so it's not like she has to go completely on nothing. She just won;t get a spoon at night because I will be asleep and she will be in bed with both a bottle and a cup!