Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hair cuts!

I cut the boys hair today! It's the first time I've cut hair using scissors but it worked great! I think tomorrow I'm going to trim Isaiah's hair a little shorter though. I think it's still a bit long.

What handsome boys!

How to remove grease from Soup!

Everyone that has ever made soup before knows that you get that inevitable grease floating on the top. A few years ago I was making soup and accidently dropped a paper towel in the pot. I was sort of surprised to see how the paper towel absorbed all the grease floating on the top!

The other day I made a pot roast soup in the crock pot. Here's how it works!

Pot of soup with grease spots.

Drop in the napkin or paper towel
Leave it just till it soaks the grease (only a few seconds)

Pull it out
Just look at the difference!
Repeat if needed.