Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pics from Mexico

It's been too long since my last post.  Thought I'd just share a few pictures of Mexico :)

 The kids have all grown so much over the past 2 years!  Here's a few more recent pics of them :)

Princess Maddie was just about to turn 2 when we left.  Now she's almost 4!  This adorable smile of hers shows off her personality perfectly :)
One of the neighbors let the boys ride on his donkey.  What an adventure for them :)  They loved it!

Here's a great shot of them on the donkey :)

One of the traditions in Mexico is the flour and confetti eggs at almost every party!  You take an empty eggshell and fill it with flour and confetti, cover the hole with tape then smash em on people heads.  As you can see my little man loves that game :)

Just being herself :)  Always with that great smile. 

We also went to Teotihuacan!  The Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chalupas! Fun to Say, Fun to Eat!

Chalupas have got to be one of the easiest and yummiest Mexican foods! 
3-5 whole potatoes (red work best but you can use any kind)
Green tomatoes and chilis (I´m using seranos)
1 large onion, sliced thin
Chicken flavor boullion
A pinch of cumin seeds
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Tortillas (corn)
Oil for frying

Toppings :
Shredded letuce, Queso Fresco, Sour cream,

(optional toppings: shredded chicken breast, boild eggs, etc)

First boil the potatoes whole.  Leave the skin on!  Cook till tender.  Using a fork peel off the skin and mash.  Add a little salt for flavor. 
To make the chili sauce:

This made a VERY mild chili! Mild enough for even the kids to eat! 
A good mild chili is 1 large serano to 4 green tomatoes  (med size) 
I like to add a garlic here for extra flavor! 

Wash the chilis and tomatoes, cut a small slit in each tomatillo, do not cut it all the way through though.  Boil just till tender with fork.  You don´t want to cook them till yellow though, if they turn yellow they are over done and will taste sour! 

Stick in blender with about 1 cup of water and blend till smooth. 

Meanwhile, saute onions. 
When onions are tender add chili and tomatillo blend.

Add baking powder.  You should see a slight foam (as in pic) this takes out all the sourness and acid of the green tomatoes.  Boil till reduces to about half.   Add flavoring.  Set  chili aside. 

Spread a small amount of potato on the tortillas, fry.  You can add the chili here or make em with out. 

Once fried topp with shredded lettuce, sour cream, shredded queso fresco and more chili sauce! 


Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's been a while since my last post. As everyone knows, we rented our house out and moved south of the border 4 months ago now. And, as anyone who has ever lived in another country knows, it's not always a picnic and a bit interesting at times.

My first major issue that I had to over come here was my "personal space bubble" I've always had this huge "bubble" and I'm the kind of person that if I don't know you, don't touch me, don't hug me and especially Don't kiss my face! Well, it's still quite annoying when people have to come and touch my skin because it's "so white" or all the hand shakes that are customary and if not performed you're considered to be "rude and uneducated". But I get by.

Another major issue here is the living arrangements. At first we were supposed to find a house to rent the day we got here, but of course my mother in law had to cry because we didn't want to stay here so I agreed to a week or two, we're going on 4 months now! Now, don't get me wrong, there have been times when it hasn't been too bad, but over all, living with others (especially ones you can't communicate with!) is pure torturous hell!

Which brings me to my current situation. House hunting! It's been kind of fun (and frustrating) looking for a house to rent out here. There are some major differences though compared to house hunting in the good ol USA. For starters, here's a list of must ask questions back at home.
1. Are pets allowed?
2. Is there a number on the amount of pest?
3. Is there a dishwasher?
4. Is the heat electric or gas?
5. etc.
Now, in comparison, the must ask questions here are:
1. Does the house have indoor plumbing?
2. What about electricity?
3. Do the toilets actually flush or do I have to pour in a bucket of water every time I do my little number?
4. Does the house have phone lines?
5. Is there hot water in the house?
Over all though, it's been amazing. The weather has been great; I get all the fresh tropical fruits I can handle. (oranges are 50 for just under $2 usd right now!) Every morning the "milk truck" comes delivering fresh milk, squeezed that morning (just needs to be pasteurized but the taste is far superior) Each week the “markets” come to town setting up in the plaza (down town) with a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies and all kinds of other stuff ranging from clothing to kitchen items, to plants and trees for the house!

The lifestyle here is also very relaxed compared to the rush, rush lifestyle of the average American city. Most people here don’t really care about possessions. They buy only what they need, use what they have until it literally falls apart, and don’t waste much. Credit also isn’t too common out here either, making it impossible for the average person to dig into debt and spend more than they can afford to spend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun at the park

Even though we worked so hard on the house this weekend we did find a few minutes Saturday (between sprinkle showers) to take the kids to the park. We found this nice one along the Jordan River trail at about 1200 W and 54oo s.

pretty wild flowers
I think he might get mad at me if I didn't clarify that he's not a flower. He was just waiting to post for a picture!
But she is!
more pretty Utah wild flowers!
wild orchid
Wild Rose
wild animals!
can you believe this is a tiny (about 5/8 inch) little weedy flower! I love the zoom on my camera!
cool Utah water birds
yummy fingers
so relaxed!
daddy's little girl!
he sure loves his sweater!
handsome man!
what's down there?
oh, that's what it is!
Giving a flower to his sister
Pretty as a Flower!
getting more flowers for his baby
(i think it's time for a hair cut again)
Oooh, I can throw it in the water!
I'm outta here!
My little lion on the prowl!
at least I have 1 kid that likes to pose for the camera!
Well, we tried to get one of Maddie anyway
and she's off!
taking a breakSuch a good brother!
Turtle out in the bird sanctuary.
Baby Gosling!
A mamma duck and her babies were out too!
1 little duck went out
they're thinking about it!
Follow the leader!
Monkey Man!
that was hard!
"Look at me, I can do it too!"
"I'm gonna fall!"
Ok, I guess I'll try it
I'm stuck!
Get me down!
why won't you get me down?
(he fell off)
Let's try it again
ok, that's not so bad, it's even a bit fun!
here he goes again
just hanging around
"what trouble can I get into now? "
My girl loves her slides!